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Fence and Deck Staining

Fence and deck staining Services

Your home’s exterior wooden features, like your fence or deck, require proper maintenance to remain functional and beautiful. A fresh coat of paint or stain can make all the difference, providing instant curb appeal without requiring a total yard overhaul. As it turns out, protecting your deck or fence from the elements can also enhance their appearance. This is the power of wood stain finish. 6ix Side painting’s deck and fence staining services will help you improve both the look and lifespan of your wooden features.

The Importance of Staining and Sealing

Wood is versatile, sturdy, and naturally pleasing to the eye, so it’s no surprise that a great number of fences and decks are made from this material. Despite its advantages, however, wood are also porous, meaning it contains several tiny holes that allow moisture, fungi, and other materials to enter. Over time, these unwanted visitors can cause the wood to decay, weakening its structure and ruining its appearance.
Deck stain (or fence stain, wood stain, tinted seal, etc.) seeps into the wood’s pores, effectively blocking them off. This means that moisture and other contaminants cannot gain access to the wood and cause harm. As a result, properly staining or sealing your wooden features greatly enhances their durability and longevity. Best of all, staining your fence or deck improves their overall appearance, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood’s grain and adding a sheen that exhibits a fresh, clean look.

Making a Statement with Stain

While the main goal of wood stain may be to protect your property, there is so much more you can do with stain. Most notably, you can choose from several deck stain colors to add flair to your wooden features. Some homeowners might want to match or contrast their fence’s colors with that of their home’s exterior. Others might specifically go for a white stain to reflect heat off their deck and keep it cool during the warm weather. Whatever the case, deck stain can be just as fashionable as it is functional.

Additional Coverage Options

Staining and sealing your wooden features may be the best way to protect them from environmental wear and tear, but these aren’t the only coverage options for your deck or fence. You may also opt to paint your fence or deck for several reasons. Unlike stain, paint doesn’t seep into the wood, but it does coat its surface, which still protects it from damage. Paint is also thicker than stain and comes in a wider variety of colors and textures. No matter your preference, covering your deck or fence with stain, seal, or paint is vital to maintaining their usefulness and charm. If you lack the knowledge, confidence, or tools to stain your deck, 6ix Side Painting is here. Let us help you find and apply the wood stain for your needs, whether it’s the finding longest-lasting deck stain available, or finding a deck stain that matches your style.

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