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Exterior Design by 6ix Side Painting

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Exterior house painting is the most effective way to boost the curb appeal of your house. Never underestimate the impact a fresh, clean coat of paint can make on the outside of your home! It doesn’t matter if we’re working with stucco, brick, wood siding, vinyl, cedar shingles, or wood trim. 6ix Side Painting makes it easier than ever to give your home a complete makeover without hassle, headaches, or worries.
Our team of highly experienced exterior painting professionals delivers the highest quality results so you get a final product you can be truly happy with and that your neighbors will envy.
6ix Sides Painting’s expert exterior house painters have years of experience painting every kind of outdoor material:

  • Wood,

  • Composite,

  • Vinyl and Aluminum Siding,

  • Fascia and Eaves trough,

  • Stucco,

  • Decks,

  • Patios, and

  • Railings.

Our Exterior Painting Process

The thorough 6ix Sides Painting, the exterior painting process is what ensures our customers are always satisfied. We believe in painting lives, not houses, by creating spaces that you’ll enjoy comfortable living in for years to come back. Our priority is to make sure we don’t disrupt your day.
After you book your painting job, our team will come upon a call before your exterior house painting project date to go over all details:

  • Confirm paint color and details,

  • Ask you to move patio furniture and potted plants, and

  • Answer questions you have about your painting project.

Here’s what we’ll do before we start painting:

  • Cover plants, trees, and decks,

  • Remove mildew and mold,

  • Power wash surfaces in preparation for painting, and

  • Caulk and waterproof windows and doors (Upon request).

  • Ask you to move patio furniture and potted plants, and

All steps in the preparation stage of your exterior house painting services are comprehensive and completed with great attention to detail and care for your home. We stay in constant communication during your project, so you feel comfortable with the work your painting team is doing for you.

Exterior House Paint Color Consultation

Choosing the right colors can be one of the hardest parts of the job. You don’t have to do it alone! We’re happy to sit down and consult with you about which colors will work best for your home. Our experts will walk you through the basics of house paint color schemes and ideas, and help you find the perfect colors for your space.

Exterior Painting Services We Proudly Offer

Our talented house painters can paint all types of exterior surfaces. Here are some examples of the exterior painting projects we do:

  • Siding

  • Garages

  • Sheds

  • Barns

  • Outbuildings

  • Doors

  • Playhouses

  • Trim Painting And More

Expert Painting and Meticulous Cleanup

Once all surfaces have been prepared, your exterior house painting can begin. Again, the teams of exterior painters at 6ix Side Painting are highly trained and will paint your house as if it were their own by following specific steps:

  • We prime all painted areas to ensure your home has a uniform finish

  • We paint surfaces with the highest quality paints

  • We clean all tools and materials around your home at the end of each day

  • We inspect the job with you upon completion to ensure your 100% satisfaction

Straight Forward Pricing

At 6ix Side Painting, you’ll receive a personalized, detailed, written proposal that clearly outlines our services and the total cost of your paint job. Our estimators give you an up-front, accurate price—you won’t end up with extra costs you didn’t plan for, and the work will be finished on schedule. No surprises here!

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Exterior job 3 before pic 3.jpg
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